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GAT - GEOLOGY & MINE ENGINEERING LTD. is an independent consultancy firm that offers specialist advice to the world’s mining industry.

The firm, based in Israel, was established in 1985.


GAT - GEOLOGY & MINE ENGINEERING LTD. has specialized in the mining industries. We offer services as mining designs and geological surveys.


Geology: exploration methods, identification of minerals and correct interpretation of the results gives accurate estimation of resources, which may be compliant with the JORC or other codes.


Mining: Open pit design similarly has to consider ground strength for pit wall stability and bench design. Although other factors are important here, like stripping ratio, location of waste dumps and minimizing haul distances and cycle times to optimize truck fleet use. The location of crushing facilities is also important - as is the selection between jaw, cone and gyratory crushers or the use of belt conveying versus trucking.

Detailed underground mine design optimizes efficiencies and is based on rock strength characteristics and ore grade distribution. This includes correct stope design, drilling patterns and blasting techniques leading to maximum life of mine use of tramming, haulage and hoisting facilities.


The design of open pits and underground mines includes also:

  • Mine engineering.

  • Mine operation and management.

  • Environmental impact assessment.

  • Geological surveys.

  • All aspects of quarry and mine design including excavations, tips, stockpiles etc.

  • Geotechnical engineering of designs in accordance with quarries, open pits and underground mines.

  • Project Management.

  • Preparation of phased mineral extraction and progressive restoration schemes.

  • Mine development planning to optimize reserves recovery.

  • Preparation of designs and bills of quantities for contractors' annual excavation.

  • 3D quarry modeling using Surface.





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